Hey boys and girls. My name is Tetris and I’m the proud owner of this very special blog. I’m currently fifteen years old and have an unexplainable passion for being a webmaster and,well making money. I’ve been running websites since I was twelve and am making decent progress as you can see. I started off using webs.com, then moved onto forums,learning html/css, and I got into things like advertising and affiliate marketing.

As of right now, I’m learning php and trying to find my niche. I know I’m good at what I do, and I know I can make money using the skills I’ve attained. In the past three weeks I’ve opened up at least five websites all with potential. I liked the idea at first..but than after awhile I just let them sit there. Some examples include http://www.scriptkittie.net, http://www.youtube.com/hazrdodhgaming, and last but not least http://www.scriptkitties.wordpress.com.

You’ll see a lot of content from me. I now have my own personal blog for releasing my methods, my guides, my programs, etc. Anything I do, you’ll know about.I’ll release monetization guides, backlink guides, forum guides, Backlink Generators, cheap web services, High PR Backlinks, discounts around the web, etc. If you would like a guide for something request it HERE.And i just might write a guide about it.


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