Quick Decent Money with www.webs.com

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The following tutorial/guide will explain you step by step, how to make quick money with http://www.webs.com.

What is http://www.Webs.com?
http://www.webs.com is an online website builder! Anyone can build a website with webs.com it’s extremely user friendly!

How much money could you get with this method?
Depends on how much work you put into this.
A rough estimate on how much you could earn is an easy 15$ a month.


Making Websites.
Advertising your websites.
Useful Tips & Tricks.

Getting Started

The first step to follow, is to register on Youtube,webs,and googleads. Click on the links below to get redirected to the registration page.

YouTube Account (Don’t use your main account if you have one. Create a new one.)

Start Your webs Sites

Start a few websites

By a few i mean like 15 websites.

After you’ve made those websites place your googleAdvertisements on the websites.(you have to be accepted to googleads)

You do NOT need to design the website! All we need is for your advertisement to be there.

Advertising your websites
Now we’re going to be advertising those websites that you made. This is very easy because of webs.com’s nifty feature.

So,next to your website click on Redeem points.

When in this shop buy this item.

This is pretty much free credits.You can get this ounce a day.
So everyday log in and get 5 free credits.

When you reach 10 credits(2 days) You can buy this thing called a spotlight.

Spotlight makes your website the very top!So when people enter the webs.com credit shop they’ll see your website and most likely click on it.

You make money when people view your website.If they click on the ads you make even more!

So imagine if you have 70 webs.com websites, you can be advertising 24/7 with them!

Useful Tips & Tricks

So we learned the basics of making the money! What you could also do is make videos on http://www.youtube.com
Youtube gets millions of views per day! Make a video of your website! This can double your views.

Misleading Titles.
What you could do is upload videos of pron/gaming/anything people are interested to. And have an annotation sending them to your website!